• What are the benefits of attending the conference?

    The Open Source Festival is a prestigious yearly conference that garners a significant turnout of students, developers, designers, and corporate entities. It encompasses an array of talks, workshops, and initiatives aimed at promoting the growth of open-source culture, contribution, development, community, etc., across the continent.

    This year, the festival is being organized as a hybrid event, incorporating opportunities for networking, discussions, and brainstorming on existing and emerging technologies and open source. Attending the festival offers several benefits and perks, such as:

    1. Networking Opportunities: OSCAFest 2023 is a great platform to connect with companies, like-minded professionals, developers, designers, and enthusiasts from various parts of Africa and the world. Building relationships with these individuals can lead to collaboration, job opportunities, career opportunities, or even new friendships.

    2. On-site Mentorship and Job Board: OSCAFest 2023 will feature an on-site mentorship program where participants can ask questions and seek guidance from renowned tech experts and professionals from various fields. It will also feature an open job board where you can find potential opportunities from our sponsors and partners.

    3. Learning and Skill Development: The festival features workshops, talks, and panel discussions led by African and global tech industry experts with remarkable open-source experience around web/mobile development, design, cloud computing, web3/blockchain, AI/data science/machine learning, internet of things (embedded systems/hardware), community (technical writing, career growth, mental health), and geospatial technologies (OpenStreetMap, QGIS, location intelligence). Attending these sessions can help you develop new skills, learn about the latest open-source technologies and tools, and gain insights into industry trends.

    4. Exposure to Different Projects and Ideas: OSCAFest 2023 will showcase numerous open-source projects built by amazing folks in Africa, allowing attendees to explore new ideas, find inspiration, find new tools to use/build with, and contribute to exciting initiatives. community.

    5. Opportunity to Contribute: As an attendee, you may have the chance to participate in hackathons, code sprints, or other activities where you can contribute to open-source projects, collaborate with others, build some experience, and make a difference in the

    Raising your Professional Profile: Attending OSCAFest 2023 can help you establish yourself as an engaged and dedicated professional in the open-source community. This can be valuable for your personal brand, career growth, or professional resume.

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